Secure Solutions from TriplePs Ltd

TriplePs is a highly innovative security, software, and digital media development company whose mission is to deliver secure and creative solutions to a wide range of problems that businesses, charities, and organisations face in their daily operations. We are here to provide answers to questions nobody has asked before, creating unique software applications and hardware systems to often multifaceted specifications. Our in-depth knowledge of security requirements, software development, and hardware solutions means we are perfectly placed to take on a wide range of projects from small and large organisations alike.

Our Security Services

Cyber Security

Cyber security breaches can be a big problem, even for small businesses. Cyber-attacks can cost you time, money, and even your company’s reputation with clients. Our security cleared team are penetration testing experts, able to safely identify security risks in your systems and help you address them.

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Auditing and Inspection

Audits and inspections help organisations identify areas of risk at all levels, improving security measures in the process. Our comprehensive auditing and inspection services will help you gain and maintain a range of broadly recognised and industry-specific certifications, including Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 accreditation.

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Physical Site Security

Just as important as cyber security is the security level of your physical site and related security systems. We can inspect your premises to ensure your data and property is protected against theft, wilful or accidental damage, and environmental effects, in accordance with accreditations you wish to achieve.

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Secure Hosting

Secure hosting from the experts. We are particularly passionate about providing small to medium enterprises, including private sector businesses and third sector charities, with affordable secure hosting solutions that are just as effective as those employed by large companies but tailored to an SME.

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Assured Laptops

We offer a variety of highly secure hardware options to help clients achieve often complex security scenarios with effortlessly simple solutions. For instance, we can provide your organisation with assured laptops, which are separate from the company network and come with advanced security features, meeting any security levels required.

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Mobile Data Centre

Manage company information, protect important data, and test your systems securely with a TriplePs Mobile Data Centre. This self-contained unit provides cyber and physical security and can act as a temporary or permanent security solution in line with ISO 27001 accreditation. Perfect for time-critical projects, including training and secure software testing.

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Our Software Development Services

Software Development

We apply our secure software development knowledge and experience to developing bespoke software for a range of clients, focusing on user experience and intuitive design to ensure every piece of software we develop is easy to use, scalable, and upgradable for continued security and innovation.

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Mobile App Development

We develop bespoke, engaging, and fully scalable mobile apps for systems including Android, iOS, and Windows, including cross-platform developments. TriplePs makes sure each app we create is highly secure as well as excellently designed and user-friendly. Mobile apps are ideal for education, branding, and sales.

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Secure Form Builder

We specialise in developing highly secure software for scenarios where security is critical, for example in prisons, police organisations, and government facilities. Our secure form builder is securely yet intuitively designed software that enables the swift and also safe recording and transferring of sensitive information.

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Our Helpdesk Services

IT Helpdesk Services

TriplePs offers standard and bespoke IT helpdesk packages adapted to clients’ needs, whether you are looking for 24/7 IT support or a flexible service where you pay only for the hours you use each month. An assigned manager monitors your support service and provides reports, thus helping your business continuously improve.

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SharePoint Helpdesk Services

We provide a specialist SharePoint helpdesk service for a range of clients. Our team resolves issues and supports staff and customers for secure and accessible SharePoint use across your organisation. We can add the web apps you need and manage access permissions across multiple devices.

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