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Police ICT is a medium-sized enterprise (SME) who develop and implement security critical IT systems for many police forces across the UK. IT safety is at the core of everything Police ICT does, in response to the growing nature of cybercrime and digital security needs.

Because of their position as an SME, it wasn’t easy for Police ICT to gain ISO 27001 and other accreditations required to transfer and receive secure information. Enter TriplePs: as a fellow SME specialising in security, we understand the unique position of small businesses who require security measures that they don’t have the in-house resources to achieve. We can provide businesses of any size with the core security systems they need, working in line with essential industry accreditations including Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

TriplePs won tender to provide Police ICT with a secure email system, secure hosting, specialist documentation, and unified integration with their normal business tasks to ensure ISO 27001 accreditation for their work while providing little disruption to their existing business operations. We made sure to provide a flexible managed IT solution, meaning Police ICT could take their systems with them as they continued to move and grow. We also provided them with training and have since developed an ongoing commitment to work as partners to develop services for police forces across the UK. We assist Police ICT with developing services within the police, as we understand the issues around communication and security within this sector, particularly in relation to governmental approaches.

Our pragmatic and innovative approach to security solutions makes us the ideal candidate for working with SMEs who want to improve their security measures across the board, as well as become viable for winning government tenders. One of the ways we do this is by providing a secure hosting platform, whether for the entire business in the long-term or on specialised devices in the short-term for temporary contract work.

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