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Sodexo Justice Services is a company working with the UK government to run prisons and rehabilitation centres across the country. The nature of Sodexo’s work in criminal justice and rehabilitation requires a highly security-conscious approach in all areas, ensuring the safety of all individuals within their care, company staff, and third parties. This, of course, includes information security; keeping sensitive data safe is an important consideration for all companies and organisations, but particularly for groups working with the government, where they must comply to Cyber Essentials and other security measures.

Sodexo came to TriplePs with the desire to achieve the goals of reducing paperwork, capturing information more quickly, and decreasing operational costs. We were able to provide our secure form builder for Sodexo, ensuring that only the right information was being captured on forms and only authorised users were able to access data based on their level of security clearance. Our web-based, encrypted secure form software assures individuals of their safety and stops sensitive data becoming compromised. The form builder is also easy to use, enabling staff to create custom forms in minutes and send them via a secure email service.

Due to the reports provided by our secure form builder software, Sodexo was ultimately able to reduce the amount and types of data they needed to store, therefore reducing the risks related to holding sensitive information. By implementing our secure form builder, they improved the security of the sensitive information they record and access daily, while creating an accurate and safe information trail for assessing risks, auditing, and safeguarding. This TriplePs software has also helped Sodexo gain GDPR 2018 compliance for data protection.

Find out more about our sensitive information security solutions and GDPR and data protection compliance on our case studies page.

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