Secure Food Application Kiosks

Nobody likes a long wait at the restaurant, bar, or canteen. Speed of service is critical for any food-to-go or quick restaurant service, introducing a self-service, cashless environment can rapidly increase your user satisfaction and service efficiency. Combining our in-house built software and the touch-screen application kiosks, TriplePs are here to introduce this system into your business that helps process fast-paced sales and deliver high quality products as quickly as possible to your consumers and users.

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Man Ordering Food Using Self Service Kiosk

Secure By Design


Designed for legislation compliance within the UK assisting with GDPR, ISO and UK Trade Laws.

Trustworthy IT

Provided by a company inherently involved within security and IT since 2007.

Ongoing Maintenance

Constantly monitoring legislation and changes in requirements to bring these to you as the client.

In today's fast-paced hospitality environment, self-serve has become a vital solution to reduce queues, increase footfall and maximise profit. Self-serve enables your customers to order and pay for menu items themselves, creating an engaging, personalised experience. It puts them in charge - browsing, customising and making payment at their own pace from a touch screen menu.

Operating on Windows 10 Pro, the Touch-screen Application Kiosks are easy to use by consumers and by your workforce managing them. Available in a range of sizes between 21.5" and 32" and physical design options we are confident in recommending the perfect Kiosk for your business. At TriplePs we have historical success in introducing new Networks, Managed Devices and Windows Operating Systems into businesses with ease, with managed support as standard with all of our applications we will be there to support you throughout your journey with us.


Natasha's Law

In October 2021, the UK Food Information Amendment will be introduced into law requiring on-site food sellers to provide customers with full ingredient lists and allergen information on all pre-packaged food items.

The common approach to the law has been to include additional information the product labels, however, this still puts the emphasis on customers taking responsibility for identifying potential allergens. The TriplePs approach is to provide an app which allows customers to order food and match it against their pre-loaded allergen information, coupled with the capture of ingredients by the restaurant or takeaway as they setup their menu, alerts the customer at the point of ordering of the potential risk to health, and prevents the order being placed.

If your organisation prepares food for sale on site, you could be a restaurant, takeaway with on-site tables, works canteen, hospital kitchen, school meals service, event meal service, small kiosks, and many others this solution is for you.

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Scalable By Design

Our Touch-screen Application Kiosks scale with you, designed with easy
deployment in mind, we can quickly scale your usage up to meet your
growing business demands, no need to commit to a large order from
day one.

Key Features

  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • Screen with Capacative Touch
  • Floor standing or wall mounted installation designs
  • Receipt Printer
  • With switch lock, easier to change the paper
  • QR Code Scanner NFC/POS is optional