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The demand for high quality documentation of Health & Safety, Confidentiality Checks, Manufacture & Stock and the recent change in Brexit legislation has made itself clear in recent years. Businesses of all sectors are constantly trying to balance work loads with various forms and an increase in paperwork. TriplePs have listened to our clients and media when creating our Secure Form Builder software.

TriplePs Secure Form Builder software has been created by our team of expert engineers with our users and their security in mind. It is a completely customisable user-friendly experience with advanced formulating and function capabilities, perfect for professionals working with data presented in forms individually, in small and large teams, and easily is easily distributed to those who need it.

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How you can benefit from IT Security Solutions Services

Secure By Design


Designed for legislation compliance within the UK assisting with GDPR, ISO and UK Trade Laws.

Trustworthy IT

Provided by a company inherently involved within security and IT since 2007.

Ongoing Maintenance

Constantly monitoring legislation and changes in requirements to bring these to you as the client.

Professional and High-standard

Using our Secure Form Builder, you can create professional and functional documentation with the confidence that they will reflect your company’s brand using customisable themes and uphold standards in line with your organisation and external receipt.

User and Admin Friendly

The Form Builder operates on a user friendly ‘drag and drop’ system, making it easy for fields to be rearranged, added and removed, resized and multiple pages to be formatted with a professional finish. All fields have the option of being marked as ‘required’ and ‘optional’ by an administrator ensuring that your documents are completed successfully before submission.

Embedded Media

Users can add fields for photos as well as embedded media including videos, news articles and social media.


Microsoft Integration

Allows complete automation when integrated into already existing systems such as Microsoft Flows, Sharepoint and Outlook.

Exporting Multiple Formats

All documentation created can exported in various formats including PDF and CSV files and accessed via email distribution alongside our customisable email templates.

Online and Offline Working

Users are able to work online and offline, working on documents and submitting them even when working offline and will be distributed once back online. All documents are date and timestamped allowing proof checks of submissions and distribution times.


iOS and Android Compatible

The TriplePs Secure Form Builder is available to be used on desktop as well as iOS and Android devices via our app available on the app and play store.

Cloud Storage

Store your documentation in cloud based group folders to keep forms organised and easily accessible to multiple users. You can also distribute multiple documents using groups.

Documentation Permission Restrictions

  • Password Protection
  • Link-Only Access
  • QR Code Scanner Functionality
  • Admin Customisation Restrictions
Engineer working on providing IT Security Solutions Services