TriplePs has recently undertaken a successful renewal of its Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. 

This is a key milestone for TriplePs as the testing was performed against our new product, as we consume the same service we offer to customers we practise what we preach and put our products through rigorous testing and external validation to ensure it meets the required security standards for the modern day. 

Cyber Essentials Plus is the second level certification tier to, you guessed it, Cyber Essentials. A Government back scheme, this accreditation helps us protect our organisation from a whole range of cyber-attacks. Taking a further step to Cyber Essentials Plus means that our new product underwent a hands-on technical verification by their auditors. Our latest products are provided by our new Partnership with Softcat, enabling us to provide a range of security products, whilst TriplePs are able to assist in the development of core services. In addition to these devices we are now offering a simplified and efficient product roll out directly to your door, meaning that your device will arrive directly to the user readily set up with your company’s requirements and you’re ready to go!  

At TriplePs we take yours and our own security to heart, confident that our recent ISO 27001 accreditation and now Cyber Essentials Plus will move TriplePs and our users forward into a secure and productive future in cyber.  

TriplePs Ltd are a leading provider in Cyber Security, Managed Services and IT Consultancy to businesses of all size throughout the UK. To see how our bespoke services can benefit your organisation please contact us.  

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