Our long-standing commitment to providing outstanding Cyber Security and IT services to all businesses regardless of their size has been a belief of ours since the beginning, and with the finalisation of achieving certification of ISO 27001 to the TriplePs brand the pillars of which our values and mission stand on have only grown stronger. Having worked with Blackmores UK, the leaders in the field of standards and ISO certification, TriplePs have taken the steps to success in the commitment and demonstration of keeping information safe throughout all levels of the organisation with the credibility, trust and confidence in which ISO 27001 represents.

ISO 27001 (International Organisation of Standardisation) is the internationally recognised best practice framework for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is one of the most widely recognised information security standards worldwide. Having achieved this, TriplePs are now recognised as having bespoke standardisation to the practice and operations that we run from GDPR, Information and Cyber Security to Risk Management and confidence with our capability to act when breach risks are identified.

Both the organisation and individuals have grown while undertaking the ISO accreditation. As an organisation, ISO 27001 when truly adopted, increases communication, and develops better risk management amongst other things. When I say, “truly adopted”, I have said to the team,” ISO27001 is not just for Christmas!” What do I mean by this? Not a task which is completed annually to comply with the review process”. ISO 27001 must be at the heart of any decision or task within the business. This true adoption underpins the success of TriplePs moving forward. It sends a clear message to Suppliers and Partners of not just the level of commitment that we have set, but what we also expect in return. Last but not least, it sends a clear message to our Clients that we are striving to achieve the best level of service that we can. ISO 27001 is at the heart of this strategy. – Managing Director, Mark Frudd

ISO 27001 has helped to focus individuals within the organisation on key business objectives. The initial review also enabled the organisation to identify key areas which needed highlighting, and with the assistance of Blackmores, home in on the real issues and areas for improvement. With this insight, we were quickly able to start to improve in key business areas and underpin the changes required for TriplePs to develop to the next level. The catalyst here has been the knowledge of Blackmores and the approach by the TriplePs team. We were able to rapidly perform the reviews and adopt changes in record time. This was clearly identified during audits by NQA and affirms the value of the partnership with Blackmores.

The ISO 27001 as process can be time consuming and cost significant. To minimise these costs, we recommend that Senior Management grasp ISO 27001 firmly and commit 100%. Partial commitment will lead to delays and failures and could be an expensive mistake. The initial impact to year one was not as first thought thanks to the approach by Blackmores and providing time and resource at Senior Leadership level meant ISO 27001 was performed within 6 months. Now with ISO 27001 certification, the future looks good. Financially the costs were less than we budgeted for. What is exciting, is what we will see with end of year finances for year 2 and 3 due to certification being achieved. The certification is a driving license, helping us see what the year ahead looks like as we drive through the next 2 years.


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