Police IT Security

Police IT Security

Cyber security has become of core importance to the UK police. This is true in terms of tackling cybercrime against others and also protecting police IT security systems from criminal activity. From fraudulent emails and malware to full-blown denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, there are many ways criminals can attempt to illegally procure data. Furthermore, staff data breaches are also a common problem for police forces; misuses of Police National Computer (PNC) systems accounted for over 2,000 data breaches between 2011-2015 (source).

Robust security protocols are required to keep sensitive information and data in police IT systems secure from both outside and inside influences. TriplePs have the experience, knowledge, and technology needed to deliver IT security solutions and secure software of this calibre.

TriplePs are highly experienced with providing cyber security solutions and secure software to the criminal justice sector. We have worked with numerous police forces over the years, as well as other organisations related to criminal justice and rehabilitation. We are therefore the ideal candidate to work with police organisations.

Our IT security services for police forces and the justice sector include:

  • Secure Hosting: our ISO 27001 secure hosting framework provides tailored authentication procedures and remote access provisions (perfect for officers in the field). Multi-vendor assurance ensures the hosting system can never be fully compromised, therefore keeping data safe.
  • Systems Penetration Testing: penetration testing involves finding any weak points for security in IT systems by trying to ‘break into’ the system in an entirely safe and secure testing environment. By identifying and rectifying these weaknesses, the system becomes further protected against real threats and attacks.
  • Secure Form Building: Our secure form building technology ensures sensitive police information and data remains secure and only accessible to authorised parties. Our secure form builder software is also easy to use, building bespoke forms within minutes.

Much of the work we do with police organisations is highly confidential. We therefore welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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