Assured Laptops

Assured Laptop Solution

We understand that in both small and large businesses, it is necessary that business users may need to use systems and services that are separated from the standard corporate network. Assured laptops simplify the security requirements involved in such operations, helping you meet accreditations and quality assurances.

An assured laptop is a highly secure laptop device that provides an efficient solution for work requiring access separate from existing networks. The assured laptops provided by TriplePs meets security standards at Official information classification and above.

The TriplePs assured laptop solution includes:

  • An assured laptop design and build which has been developed and tested to a minimum of Official information classification. This includes full disk encryption, anti-virus and malware protection, a two-factor authentication system restricting access to the device, and a secure VPN to the hosted system.
  • A hosted system that is physically separated from other TriplePs clients and provides anti-virus, patching and authentication services. This reduces risk, as well as questions and documentation needed where services are provided on a multi-tenancy basis.
  • An annual health check validating both build and change control processes, so you remain consistently safe and secure.
  • The inclusion of software to assist with connecting to other systems and software e.g. Cisco, Juniper and Citrix, which are commonly used within the industry.
  • A full documentation set including training manuals and building documentation where required.

The TriplePs objective is to do what we do best so that you as a company can do what you do best…

The Solution Benefits

The TriplePs assured laptop solution has been developed to assist companies of all sizes with no cap on minimum or maximum number of devices.

Depending on your requirements, TriplePs are generally able to set-up and deliver the assured laptops to our client within two weeks, helping companies kickstart projects quickly and safely.

The assured laptop solution also includes comprehensive documentation supporting any project and potential accreditation needs. Our experience has shown that 20% of project mobilisation costs have been attributed to documentation; the TriplePs approach reduces costs and risk around the potential delay in mobilisation.

If you have any queries regarding our assured laptop service, do get in touch with us by heading to our Contact page. Alongside assured laptops, another portable hardware security solution we offer is the Mobile Data Centre, a powerful and secure micro data centre that we can provide you within hours.

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