Auditing and Inspection

Auditing and Inspection

Auditing and inspection have become a prominent fixture in the operations of a variety of organisations, from small to medium enterprises and corporate groups to government organisations.  An increase in accreditation and IT standards within businesses have increased the need and necessity to monitor and improve the performance, efficiency and integrity of IT security systems.

As an organisation or business, can you afford not to prove the efficiency of your systems in place?

TriplePs have experience with numerous auditing and inspection data protection methods designed to test and tighten your security infrastructure and information management procedures, including Cyber Essentials, UKAS accreditation, ISO standards, and more. Our range of security audits performed by our experienced staff with many years’ experience have been designed to assist all areas of business.

Cyber Essentials & IT Security

In 2016, the UK government introduced the Cyber Essentials programme. The programme formed part of the new strategy to replace CLAS services with a structure to support companies with IT security needs. TriplePs can assist organisations with preparation before completing Cyber Essentials questionnaires, decreasing the risk of failure.

Penetration Testing

TriplePs understand the importance of penetration and health check testing. This key IT security service identifies vulnerabilities within a system that could lead to a data breach.

Working with solid experience and approved industry methods, TriplePs can test software, mobile applications, and other IT solutions. We can test software and applications within a fully secure environment to ensure your systems are fully functional within the environments required.

Changes in GDPR Legislation

Could your organisation afford to pay the financial penalty of £20m or 4% gross company turnover?

In the UK, by 2018 all businesses will have to pay dramatically increased fines for data breaches according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is more crucial than ever to have comprehensive, proactive auditing and inspection procedures in place to decrease the risk of data breaches.

Bespoke Auditing and Inspections

We can also help you develop custom security audits and inspection procedures suited to the needs of your organisation and sector. To find out how we tailor audits and inspections to individual clients, you can get in touch with us on our Contact page.

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