Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an essential consideration to all organisations across the United Kingdom. Having effective cyber security strategies in place could make the difference between keeping sensitive information safe or becoming vulnerable to attacks that cost money, time to address, and in some cases the reputation of an organisation.

Cyber Security Breaches: The Reality

According to a UK government survey covering April 2016 to 2017, almost half of all UK firms were hit by a cyber breach or attack, resulting in temporary loss of files, system and software corruption, losing access to third party systems, or even having their website slowed or taken down. Small and large companies alike have been hit financially by these cyber security breaches and this will only increase with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in May 2018.

There are several cyber security compliance accreditations you can gain to showcase your commitment to secure information management and data integrity. The leading UK cyber security accreditation is Cyber Essentials, a government-backed security certification which any organisation, whether you are a charity or SME, can use to protect against data breaches and cyber-attacks. Having Cyber Essentials certification is also vital for any organisation looking to bid for government tenders and clearly communicates an organisation’s awareness of data security.

Our cyber security experts specialise in helping businesses and public or third sector organisations gain Cyber Essentials accreditation. We understand gaining and maintaining accreditation can be difficult depending on the time and resources you have available, especially for SMEs and charities. That’s why we have developed several strategies to help every organisation access the Cyber Essentials scheme with as little disruption and cost as possible, including:

  • Performing audits and inspections using the Cyber Essentials marking scheme to see if your organisation can qualify.
  • Penetration testing, including testing in an entirely secure environment, to suggest how your systems and software can be modified to suit Cyber Essentials requirements.
  • Physical site inspections to ascertain the safety of your system access points, another highly important aspect of cyber security.

If you require Cyber Essentials certification on a more temporary basis, say for a government contract, we can provide you with assured laptops or a mobile data centre for the time you require. Hiring secure hardware often proves to be a great alternative to making changes to your organisation’s main infrastructure and assets, especially for unique projects requiring tighter digital security.

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