Mobile Data Centre

Mobile Data Centre

The TriplePs Mobile Data Centre has been designed to provide companies, charities, and organisations of all shapes and sizes with a portable and flexible means of managing information, protecting data, and testing systems with complete IT coverage. This self-contained data centre is cost-effective and simple to implement, letting you respond quickly to time-pressured projects and eliminating the need to invest in expensive equipment. You choose how long you need to hire a Mobile Data Centre for then simply make an order for delivery within 24 hours. In cases where more security resilience is needed, multiple data centres can be sent to the same or different sites.

A Mobile Data Centre can be used as a temporary or permanent IT security solution, depending on the needs and structure of your organisation. They also provide physical separation, which can be a needed boost for physical site security. Most importantly, Mobile Data Centres reduce risk for your organisation, with security assured at all levels (even delivery is made by fully accredited personnel) and full technical support. Each Data Centre works in line with ISO 27001 guidelines and includes updates, patching, and authentication lock down controls. These centres include the capability to install bespoke software for both Windows and Linux environments.

Mobile Data Centres are useful for a variety of applications, including but by no means limited to:

  • Full security health checks.
  • Testing software and systems in a completely secure environment.
  • Secure authentication and back-up.
  • Use in remote areas where access must be limited, for example prisons.
  • Boosting your organisation’s security standards for government contracts.

TriplePs Mobile Data Centres can support up to 500 users each, though the solution can be scaled up to 2,500 if needed. This includes email set-up and licenses such as SharePoint. The centre is aligned with actual security levels so live data can be used to simulate import and export processes, reducing risks during mobilisation.

We can offer these portable data centres as a very affordable solution thanks to our longstanding industry connections and use of standard recycled Commercially Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware components, which also cuts down on waste and helps the environment.

This data management solution is available for 24-hour delivery anywhere in the UK, for rapid implementation so you are quickly able to get on with what you do best. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the capabilities of our Mobile Data Centre and its applications.

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