Physical Site Security

Physical Site Security

Your organisation’s hardware and premises cannot be overlooked when it comes to security. The data your organisation holds ultimately must remain safe against physical security threats, as well as hardware damage and environmental effects.

TriplePs can perform in-depth inspections of company sites to ensure your organisation is secured against data breaches on all levels. Our site and hardware security experts will analyse the security methods you are currently using and make recommendations based on best practice and the guidelines of any compliance accreditations you are aiming to achieve.

Digital and Physical Security: Striking the Balance

We understand the delicate balance required between physical site security and cyber security. If both aspects of security are not up to standard, it is all too easy for sensitive information and crucial data to become compromised. It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your cyber security software is when an unauthorised party could simply walk onto your premises and take the data they want in person or vandalise expensive equipment.

We aim to make site security surveys accessible to all business sizes. Our staff have extensive experience of conducting physical site security reviews covering a range of data and company types. TriplePs also includes a review of all information prior to the survey to ensure the level of site security is correct for the data being stored within the premises.

Assessing the physical security of your organisation includes aspects such as:

  • Inspecting the building fabric to ensure it could resist an attempted break-in.
  • Investigating ways in which unauthorised parties may see or hear sensitive information.
  • Physical access points, including doors and locks.
  • CCTV and monitoring systems.
  • Control mechanisms restricting physical access to building rooms e.g. fob systems.
  • Window security, including security guards.
  • Searches of local records to identify recorded police crime levels.
  • Searches of local flood records which may affect business disaster recovery planning.
  • Processes that are used by staff to maintain services including any staff vetting procedures.

Comprehensive Security, Cost Effective

Budgetary costs associated with building and IT security systems could form up to 40% of all company costs. This means some businesses avoid implementing security measures, but it is all too easy for sensitive information and crucial data to become compromised. It is therefore vital that every company/business has determined the correct level of security required for the information or service being provided, balancing cost and risk. Our site surveys can help you achieve this balance.

To find out more about what a physical site inspection can offer for the security and safety of your organisation’s data and assets, you can get in touch with us with any questions.

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