Custom LED Big Screens

Custom LED Big Screens

TriplePs has developed fully customisable digital display service to supply HD quality large LED screens for a variety of venue spaces, from entertainment venues and sports stadiums to conference centres, business and retail spaces, exhibitions, and digital media studios across the United Kingdom. Our eye-catching big screens create dynamic moving displays and can include sound for truly engaging and memorable audio-visual experiences.

The bespoke nature of our LED screens manufacturing and installation process ensures every project we undertake is delivered in full accordance with each client’s requirements, whether you require increased brand awareness, large-scale advertising, or engaging informational displays. As we can handle your project from the initial design stage to creation and installation, every aspect of the finished product is within your control and perfectly suited to your space.

Our big screens can be used for venues with layouts large and small, as we can customise the number of screens, their functions, and their sizes to your unique specifications. We can also ensure your bespoke large LED screen set-up can be used in outdoor spaces, with full protection from weather and other environmental factors. As with everything TriplePs does, we have designed our LED media displays service to be entirely flexible, as we understand that every business or organisation has different aims, budgets, and resources.

If you are looking for an HD quality LED screen set-up for your venue or commercial space, you can get in touch with us with any queries you have; our technical team are more than happy to discuss your requirements and draw-up a quote. These big screens are designed for fixed use in an indoor or outdoor venue space, but TriplePs has also developed fully portable mobile LED screen trailers for use with events requiring movability, which may be more suited to your needs.

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